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MadDocs' Editing and Other Projects


Served as Chief Copy Editor for Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Web Design by Michael Baumgardt.  Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 2001.
Wrote Help text for CliffsNotes Web site produced by IDG Books Worldwide (1999).
Provided research and archival support for major reference software manufacturer (1999).
Prepared competitive market analysis for major independent computer book publisher (1999).
Served as Freelance Developmental Editor for Mastering ColdFusion by Kristin Aileen Motlagh and Arman Danesh. Alameda, CA: Sybex, 1999.
Developed potential foreign-language CD-ROM product for Mindscape (1996).
Designed and implemented WWW page for U.C. Berkeley Department of German (1995).

Revised and wrote course materials (laboratory manuals) for IDS 110/110L, Introduction to Microcomputers, U.C. Berkeley (1990-95).


"Thomas Murner."  Dictionary of Literary Biography.  German Writers of the Late Middle Ages, Humanism, and the Reformation.  Ed. James Hardin and Max Reinhart.  Bruccoli Clark Layman and Gale Publishers, 1997.

Review of Die Frau in der Renaissance, ed. Paul Gerhard Schmidt.  Sixteenth Century Journal 27.3 (1996).
Review of Glanzvolles Elend: Die Inventare der Herzogin Jacobe von Jülich-Kleve-Berg und die Bedeutung von Luxusgütern für die höfische Frau des 16. Jahrhunderts, by Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner.  Sixteenth Century Journal 26.3 (1995).
Review of Sexuality and Gender in Early Modern Europe: Institutions, Texts, Images, ed. James Grantham Turner.  Sixteenth Century Journal 25.4 (1994).