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MadDocs' German-English Translation Projects

Selected as one of 15 translators worldwide for the Pauly Localization Project. (Translation/localization of Der Neue Pauly, the renowned 20-volume encyclopedia of Greco-Roman antiquity).
Maxon Cinema 4D 6.0 by Arndt von Koenigsmarck. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 2001.
Press releases, product brochures, and in-house magazine for a German vacuum products company
Instruction manual for a base station controller (telecommunications device)
Set of documents about IT projects underway at various banks and insurance companies
215-slide PowerPoint training course about Microsoft product licensing
Set of contracts for computer programming/data processing services
Press releases for manufacturer of surgical microscopes, manufacturer of GIS equipment
Marketing study of German tea market under contract to ABC Networx, Berlin.
Web page text, catalog copy, and product assembly instructions for TopDeq (European office products company; see
Two reports about eProcurement and eFulfillment (corporate travel marketing) under contract to InOtherWords!, Barcelona.
A highly technical IT report by Diebold Deutschland under contract to ABCNetworx, Berlin.
Homepages fuer Fortgeschrittene (Homepages for Experts) by Johann-Christian Hanke. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2001.
JavaScript fuer Einsteiger (JavaScript for Beginners) by Martin Baier. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2001.
E-Mail mit Outlook Express 5 (E-Mail with Outlook Express 5) by Johann-Christian Hanke. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Modell für den unipolaren Verarmungstransistor (Model for a Unipolar Depletion Transistor) by Lutz Göhler. Promotionsarbeit translated for Infineon Technologies, Munich, Germany.
Start ins Internet (Get Going with the Internet) by Torben Kjaer. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Nutze das Internet Optimal (Make the Most Out of the Internet) by Torben Kjaer. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Word 2000 für Einsteiger (Get Going with Word 2000) by Johann-Christian Hanke. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Excel 2000 für Einsteiger (Get Going with Excel 2000) by Palle Gronbek. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Windows-Tuning mit der Registry (Windows Tuning with the Registry) by André Moritz. Hornbek, Denmark: KnowWare, 2000.
Unsere Katze: Gesund durch Homoepathie (Your Healthy Cat: Homeopathic Medicines for Common Feline Ailments) by H.G. Wolff, D.V.M. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1991.

Please note that we at MadDocs have also completed numerous smaller jobs for clients around the world; the projects listed above are representative of the larger jobs we have undertaken.

We at MadDocs believe in marrying linguistic skills and the latest technology; for our translation projects, we employ CAT (computer-aided translation) tools including Trados Freelance 5.5, Star Transit 3.0, and SDLX.